I Thought, Maybe…

I thought maybe if I write today the pain would go away.
I thought maybe if I said the right things
Those things would help you awaken
You slept on me for so many years
Now look at what we are facing.
The home, the hugs we used to share
Don’t add up to the suffering.
So I try to move on but the love is still there
Can’t help but to hold on. My child, our son.
The family we built. No one else has to understand. But God’s plan is so much better than any we could ever stand.
I hope you hear me. I hope you believe.
God won’t let you near 1 of his children. Still again, for me, the hope is still there. For a plan that includes you in it.
I thought maybe today. Maybe today. But what if maybe never comes. Sad to think everything it was would never resurface again. I thought maybe today. If it’s in Gods will & God’s will ain’t maybe it’s perfect.

By Ebony Jamacia Melvin