She was birthed with purpose.
Unafraid of the wild.
She left without notice.
In that moment she became a woman matured from a child.
She was heartbroken.
She had to rebuild her life.
She braved the loneliness
And captured fulfillment in time.
So why was she running?
And where was she headed to?
She never knew the answers
But she did fly in spite of broken wings.
Every thing that used to matter was now mediocrity.
See now it’s finally about her.
No one else could steal this dream!
She found who she was.
No one could understand why.
Leave your family and friends so selfishly? It was like to them she had died.
But Fearlessly she stood. She knew she would conquer.
She just had to be free.
Free from everyone else’s slumber.
When God says go you Run.
And think about the rest later.
She was made brave.
& like rain and sunshine she just is.
The way He made her.