Encore: My Review of the “On the Run Tour” Starring Jay-Z and Beyoncé

The on the run tour headlined Beyoncé and Jay-Z Monday night ( July 7th 2014) in Charm City at M &T Bank stadium. I repeat. Stadium. The place was filled with thot juice hahaha we had a few ourselves. Let me tell you it was one big partaaaay! As we entered the vendor spaces my baby sister Diamond scanned the scene for stars and amazingly she found one! Larry of the Les Twins one of Beyoncé ‘ s dancers came out from backstage and held the sweetest convo with my sis. Although he wasn’t able to take a picture he was very kind to her and that set the mood for the rest of the night! Our section (544 nosebleed) lol was on our feet jamming the whole time. Even though we were sky high we had a perfectly centered view and enjoyed ourselves to the utmost. My favorite part was when Jay performed “Song Cry” which led to Bey singing “Resentment”then her version of  “Ex-Factor” by Lauren Hill. The whole show was like a modern day bonnie and Clyde love story with much more a$$ and class hahaha. I was impressed by the clarity in their voices and their interaction with the entire audience. They made us feel special and everyone left the place exhausted from overwhelming shock, love and entertainment!  They ended the show thanking us but we left thanking them. The “On the Run” tour was worth every penny and entertained every ounce of my being.  There will never be another like it.




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